Nebraska Sod is the premier sod company in Lincoln, Nebraska. We have been growing and installing our own sod for over 45 years. Because we grow our own sod, we can ensure our customers get the highest quality product and service. more home builders choose Nebraska Sod than any other sod company. We take great pride in our Plantation Fescue, so whether you are building a new home or need an old yard repaired or replaced, Nebraska Sod is the only name you need to know.
Nebraska Sod is committed to water-conserving turf products. Plantation Fescue requires significantly less water and fertilization than a Kentucky bluegrass lawn. Plantation Fescue is the environmentally friendly way to establish a beautiful lawn. 
Plantation Fescue is one of the most advanced generations of Tall Fescue. The presence of rhizomes creates a self-repair potential for this species which can speed establishment, improve traffic tolerance, and increase recovery potential from damage.
Plantation Fescue has an expanded adaption range, dark color and fine texture, plus, with tall fescue's inherent drought, shade and wear tolerance, make it the BEST choice for home lawns, parks and athletic fields.

Sod and Seed Services

  • New Construction
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Yard Repairs
  • Sports Fields
  • Fall Overseeding
  • Acreage Seeding
  • Native Grass Seeding
  • Sod and Seed for your DIY projects!
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