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How would you like a lush lawn with

1/3 less watering!
1/3 less fertilizing!
No disease or insect problems!

Quit dreaming and start enjoying, because now you can have it. This wonderful new turf is called Plantation Turf-type Tall Fescue and it’s available only from Nebraska Sod.


What's SRP?
It means Self-Repair Potential. One of the few downsides to a fescue lawn in the past was that it would not mend itself when damaged. Say you have a dog that wears bare spots in the lawn or likes to dig. In the past those damaged areas would require over-seeding to fully heal. But Plantation with SRP has spreading runners (rhizomes) that gradually fill in bare or damaged areas. These underground runners have the added benefit of helping new sod establish quicker.

What makes Plantation so unique?

Don't be fooled by imitators.
Others may claim to sell Plantation (or "something similar") but we are the exclusive grower of this premium sod in Nebraska.


Our commitment to water and the environment

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Water is perhaps our most precious natural resource. It's also one of a home owner's most expensive utilities during the summer months. Although we've been fortunate to experience minimal water shortages in Nebraska up to now, our carefree days are clearly numbered. Ask anyone who lives on the US coasts and they'll tell you that water is carefully rationed and monitored in these regions throughout the year. Many experts predict that water will soon become a valuable commodity everywhere, much like gasoline. Unfortunately, this is our future... and it's coming sooner than we may realize.

That's why Nebraska Sod is committed to water-conserving turf products. Plantation requires significantly less water and fertilization than a Kentucky bluegrass lawn. Additionally, pesticide treatments to kill grub worms are virtually eliminated. So not only does Plantation use less of a precious resource to grow, it also helps keep our remaining groundwater free of unnecessary, toxic chemicals. Plantation is the environmentally friendly way to establish a beautiful lawn.